Nagaland state government lottery department is going to announce the results of Nagaland Lottery Dear Falcon Evening Results for 30 May 2019 within a few hours. The results will be out at 08:00 in the evening. All the participants who are eagerly waiting for their turn, to win a chance of getting lakhs overnight, have to wait for some more hours for the results to come out.

A prize of Rs 25.02 Lakhs will be given to the First Prize Winner. There is also a consolation prize of Rs 9500. The second prize winner will get an amount of Rs 9000 and Rs 500 will be given to the third prize winner. Also, the fourth and fifth prize winner will get an amount of Rs 250 and Rs 120 respectively. The lottery scheme is totally legal and safe as it is organized by the state government itself. One, who aspires to get high returns while investing a small amount can easily participate in this lottery scheme. A single ticket for the same costs only 30 to 40 Rs. If your lottery ticket number shows on the result, as per the scheduled results, you get the big amount in your pocket.

You can check the complete result by 8:30 pm and match the number of the winning ticket with your lottery ticket. Check out the list of Nagaland Lottery Dear Falcon Evening Today with the winning prize amount below:

First Prize: Rs. 26 Lakh

Consolation Prize: Rs. 9,500/-

Second Prize: Rs. 9,000/-

Third Prize: Rs. 500/-

Fourth Prize: Rs. 250/-

Fifth Prize: Rs. 120/-

Note: Today’s Nagaland Lottery Results will be updated at 8:00 PM and you can check the complete result from 8:30 PM. Please refresh this website to check the complete updated results.

However, it is advised to cross-check your results from the results published in the Nagaland Government Gazette. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updated results related to Nagaland Lotteries.


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