One of the best news for all of you, as we know Dewali is around the corner, and there are millions of people, who are looking for the more option, many of the places are full of lotteries, bumpers, and offers. Because this is one of the biggest Hindu cultures, and this time will help them to buy more, there is one of the most popular lotteries we are going to talk about,  and it is brought by Nagaland State, and this lottery is known as Dear Kali Puja Bumper Lottery, here we will tell you plenty of details related to this, so stay on the same page and enjoy.

Nagaland Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery Result 2020 Live Updates Nagaland State Puja Lottery

As per the information, this lottery is sponsored by well lottery arena, many of the people are looking for the lottery, you can buy these tickets whether you are from any state, you might be in the swim if you win the lottery you can change the lifestyle and they can do what they want, you might know the price of the lottery, it is rupees 2 crores, through this amount you can use to buy.

Dear Kali Puja Bumper Lottery Result 2020

As per the information, this lottery is a five series lottery and it comes as a set of five tickets, and the price of each lottery is 200, and so overall for a set or 5 tickets you will have to pay 1000 Indian rupees, and if we talk about the extra charges then you have to pay 60 for posting and delivery of the tickets, as it is delivered to homes, the point is this that anyone can buy these tickets, it is not for the certain state people, whether you are from any state, one more thing if you are interested in buying less then 5 tickets then you can buy too, but in this case, you will have to pay 90 rupees at the place of 60 for posting and delivering.

It is one of the best offers on the eve of Diwali, just imagine if you are the winner, you can fulfill your desire, you can enjoy the lottery, as per the reports there is a limited no. of tickets which are 3, 50, 000. Ther series A/B/C/D/E and the interesting thing is this, just because of the huge price of Bumper lottery, numbers of people are appearing to buy, so you all are suggested too, you should try your luck, and what if you get a golden opportunity, you might be in the swim, what else can you do through this lottery.

Puja Bumper lottery prize distribution

Here you can see the distribution of the lottery, it is one of the popular lotteries, and millions of people become a part of it, see the list of Dear Kali Bumper Lottery is given below.

First Prize – 1 winner -2 Crore Rupees

Second Prize – 1 winner -10 Lakh Rupees

Third Prize -50 winners -9,000 rupees

Fourth Prize – 350 winners – 5,000 rupees

Fifth Prize -700 winners -3,000 rupees

Sixth Prize -700 winners -2,000 rupees

Seventh Prize -700 winners -1,000 rupees

Eighth Prize – 7000 winners – 500 rupees

Now you have seen the prize distribution, you must be dreaming to be the first or second winner, if you have the amount of 2 crores or 10 lakh, what would you do, ask this question to yourself, you want to wonder different places, and you want to buy your dream car, house, and other things.

Nagaland Dear Bumper Lottery Result in 2020

1st Prize – Rs.5,00,00,000/- (Rs.2 Crores)
Coming Soon

2nd Prize – Rs.10,00,000/-
Coming Soon

3rd Prize – Rs. 9,000/-
Coming Soon

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-
Coming Soon

5th Prize- Rs. 3,000/
Coming Soon

6th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-
Coming Soon

7th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-
Coming Soon

8th Prize- Rs. 500/
Coming Soon

This Lottery is scheduled for Nov 2020, it is the time of drawing the lottery, the result of the lottery will be uploaded on the same page, as soon as possible, so stay connected with the page, it is one of the well-known lotteries, as per the source it is the one which has a higher prize at cheap cost, so stay tuned and more Dear Kali Puja Bumper Result.


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