Naamkaran starts with some people asks for Mogli. Mogli gets kidnapped. Avni gets a text and she becomes scared. Avni tries to call Neil but Neil does not picks up the call. Neil comes to Avni and asks where is Mogli. Neil’s dad calls Neil and asks him to come home. Neil goes home.

Avni tells him that Mogli has been kidnapped. Neil asks what kind of joke is this. She shows him the message that Mogli is with him. Neil says kids told him that Avni picked him up. Neil says shit what happened and i was late a bit and this mis happening occurred.

Naamkaran, Written episode update

Avni shouts on him and says when you could not take care of him then why you fought with me to take the responsibility of Mogli. They both starts fighting. Dadi says that stop fighting and try to find the Mogli. Avni becomes stressed and thinks who would do that. Avni says Kamini Kapoor did that and she wants to take revenge from me. Dadi says why you did that and not tell us. Neil says she has old habit of hiding things.

Avni says we should forget all this. She gets a message and that stated that do not go to police and if you will do so then Mogli will not be there with you guys. Neil asks kids that if they saw Avni picking up the Mogli. Neil asks kids to tell the features of person who picked up him. He gets to know that wheatish coloured guy and piercing in ear, he was tall. Avni says last time who tried to kidnap Mogli also looked alike.

Avni says surely Kamini Kapoor did this. They both goes to Kamini and Kamini welcomes them.


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