Every weekend, ColorsTv comes with some popular serial and shows to entertain the audience and Naagin 6 is one of the most trending and popular supernatural serials in recent days. It is also important to share that people are going mad to watch the latest episode of the serial before its telecast and today, we are going to share the latest written episode of the upcoming episode. Fans are too excited to watch the wonderful episode of the serial and the next episode will reveal lots of things for the viewers. Keep reading to know the latest written update here.

Naagin 6 20th March 2022 Full Written Update

Well, the latest episode of March 20, begins with Holi celebration of Pratha which is the first celebration after her marriage with Rishabh. Along with this, the episode will show that all the house members are getting ready with lots of excitement for the Holi celebration. Another side, Pratha will also join the celebration in which she will wear a beautiful dress and will be seen in a white Lehnga with some beautiful jewelry. When she comes in the function, everyone keeps their eyes at her as she is looking too gorgeous and everyone gets impressed by her.

With this celebration, the celebration is going to be tough for her because one of her enemies is going to reveal her reality in front of her family members. He will be seen coming close to Pratha and this situation will create more danger for her. The man is gonna be played a “Snake Musical Instruments”. Pratha starts doing a snake dance but the most disappointing. But somehow, Pratha gets succeeds to manage everything very sincerely and no one will get to know her real identity.

Along with Pratha, Mehak is also present in the function and she sees that Pratha is helpless and no one is here to help her except her. She decided to her Pratha at any cost. Along with this, we will also get to see in the upcoming episode that Rishabh is also standing at the same place and searching for Pratha but at the same time, Mehak reaches there and handle every situation sincerely so, Rishabh couldn’t understand what happened with her.

Later, Rishabh goes to her but unfortunately, he falls in her beauty. Then, he asks her to apply some colors on her face and they both feel something for each other. The episode reaches its end. With this, we will also get to see that Pratha will try to reach the real culprit but this is not going to be easy for her. All the things will be seen in the latest episode tonight.


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