The Supernatural serial of ColorsTV, Naagin 6 is all set to entertain the viewers with another episode tonight. Every weekend, watchers wait for the latest episode of the serial and it seems that every single episode raises the TRP of the serial. Since the serial begins, the supernatural serial has gained massive popularity on social media. Now, watchers want to know what will be seen in the upcoming episode? Here, we are going to share the latest written update of the upcoming episode. The upcoming episode will open up lots of things of the latest episode. Keep reading to get more updates.

Naagin Season 6 19th March 2022 Written Update

Now, the upcoming episode begins with Rishabh and Pratha who is dancing with each other. They both are thinking that why are they loving each other like this because they know that there is something weird. They both are not in love and don’t even feel for each other. But they are dancing with each other to know the truth. Pratha is smart but Rishabh is also a smart personality. He is the only one who is going to act sweet in front of her to know about the reality.

Meanwhile, Pratha feels wonder why Rishabh is trying to act comfort with her while Rishabh just wants to know the truth or nothing else and also wants to know why is she leaving in this house and why did she marry to him. She is going to react because she is innocent and doesn’t know anything. On the other side, Rishabh is also behaving the same. Along with this, we are also going to watch that Diya falls down and gets injured. Diya notices this and shouts after taking Diya’s name.

When Pratha goes to help her, she suffered from a head injury and was then rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. But Pratha is still confused that how did she fall? She suspects that something might have serious that Diya is hiding something and she tries to investigate the reality. But, this investigation is not going to be easy. With this, we will get to see in the upcoming episode that Diya and Mehak are going to be real culprits after which she will plan to kill them. She will have to create a plan before taking this step.

Maybe, many more things will be seen as the promo didn’t share much about the upcoming episode. The serial will be filled with lots of twists and suspense. It seems that the makers don’t want to reveal the suspense soon. So, get ready to watch the next episode tonight.


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