Well, Naagin 6 just began and in the last three days, the hype of the serial has already increased among watchers. Now, the latest episode of the serial comes with some interesting twists and turns. As per the promo videos, The latest episode begins with Pratha because she comes to the house of Rishab and her shoes gets broken.

Naagin Season 6 19th February 2022 Written Update

All the workers talks about the pandemic. Later, Chachi brings Pratha from there and asks her to apply nail polish but she couldn’t do this. Chachi get to know that she is not a makeup artist.

Naagin Season 6 Full Written Update

She asks the security to check her bags as she could be a thief as well who came to steal something. They don’t get anything in her bag. Pratha says to her that she came her for the job and she request her for a job. The manager hires her for the work. On the other side, Rishab is talking about the papers and finding those papers.

The manager asks Rishab to give a dress to Pratha. Mayank calls her but she ignores him. She goes into the room of Rishab and sees him who is standing shirtless and she shy after seeing him like this and turns.

He asks her why did she come here. She says that she came here to give him dress of groom. Rishab says that he is a groom. She gives him a dress and leaves. Rishab thinks that where he saw her. Later, Urvashi and her husband reach to Seema’s house and Rishab asks them to don’t believe in snakes.

The husband of Urvashi says that a Naagin is wandering in the city but doesn’t know where she will enter. Suddenly, Rishab attends a call. Later, the daughter of Urvashi reaches to the venue. The fiance of Rishab meets him and tries to go close to him but he says that they are just friends. They can’t come close like this. Well, Naagin comes in the new face as a Hina Khanna as Security head. Rishab asks why did she not tell him?

She says that she likes to work rather than speak. Later, Rishab sees the handbag of Pratha and that was the same handbag. He doubts her. Ritesh talks to Pratha. Rishab says that he saved them. Gujral says that he is happy and his one son has been going to Army.

Hina points a gun at Rishab in front of all. Now, Naagin has been lost to get the person who was limping because of the mirror. The manager fires Pratha from the job. Pratha requests him that she need this job. Naagin hears the voice of limping. Pratha requested to God to save her job. The Episode Ends.


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