Currently, ColorsTV has been capturing huge attention every Saturday and Sunday. Well, the popular supernatural fiction series of Naagin is gaining a massive TRP around states as the serial has become one of the most-watched serials at this time. Today, we are going to share the latest written update of the serial as fans are eagerly waiting to watch this serial to get entertained.

Naagin Season 6 26th February 2022 Written Update

Before sharing the latest written episode, the winner of Bigg Boss 15 is giving her appearance in the serial in a lead role and fans are appreciating her.

Along with her, Simba Nagpal is also playing a lead role. With this, we like to share the plot of Naagin 6 in which, the concept was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and all the Naagin’s are featured in the serial as heroes because they will step forward to save the nation from this pandemic.

The neighboring countries of India is releasing a poisonous liquid into the water to spread all over the states in India which is causing pandemics. With this, A professor is taking the help of Shesh Naagin to save the nation and take enemies down and also discover the antidotes to save the lives of people.

Well, the latest episode begins with Rishabh who is keeping an eye on Pratha to spy over her. She is a shy girl and she doesn’t know about this that he is spying on her.

Another side, Rishabh’s mother, Seema doesn’t want that Rishabh is showing his interest in Pratha who is just a common girl working for his wedding preparation. Many fans are believing that this is the strange start of a new life. Soon, there will be chemistry between Rishabh and Pratha.

While another promo video of the serial shows that Naagin Mehak will get to know about the second demon who has a mole on his body. Now, the demon will be another target of her. After knowing about the demon, Mehak will try to kill that demon asap. Another side, Pratha who is a Seshnaagin will also get to know about her true identity that she is a Seshnaagin and a second demon.

Well, much more real and hidden truths will come out but it will take some time to unveil. The serial is going to be on another level TRP. Fans are too excited for the next episode. If you want to watch this episode so, you need to wait for few hours. Stay tuned and keep watching Naagin on ColorsTV at 8 PM.


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