Hey folks, are you willing to watch Saturday’s episode of Naagin 6? Fans are too excited to watch the upcoming episode and it will be interesting to watch the next episode of the Naagin 6 after the previous episode. In the previous episodes, we have seen lots of turns and twists in the previous episodes and we have seen that how Pratha gave alcohol to Rishabh and showed him that she is drunk. Rishabh tried to stop her and says what is she doing? Pratha said to him that she is doing the same which he wanted to do with her.

naagin season 6

Rishabh said that they both were drunk and therefore, and Pratha said that it was a time and now, he can also drink it. He said that they should have kept their first night normal. Suddenly, Pratha fell on the bed and Rishabh thanked to God. Pratha opened her eyes and said that he was trying to scare her. Suddenly, she realized that she was called by someone. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting to know what will happen in the upcoming episode? If you are searching for the written update so, you are at the right platform where we are going to provide all the details.

Now, the tonight’s episode begins with Pratha who is looking gorgeous in black saree. She has a reason to look beautiful because when her husband will see her, he falls in her eyes. As she is closed to her, he is attracted to her. But later, the twist of the episode will be turned. When Pratha enters her room and sees that Rishabh is with his girlfriend. She gets shocked and gets hurt. After this, many questions raises in her mind and tries to find the answer of these questions.

She asks what is she doing with his girlfriend in the single room. Doesn’t he know that he is married and he doesn’t repeat this kind of things, says Pratha? Pratha losses her temper and when she hears this, she even slaps him. Currently, the hype of the serial has been raised more than its limit and fans are too excited to watch the upcoming episode to know what will happen next? Well, the Pratha’s sister Mahek is going to be another villain of the upcoming episodes where she is attracting toward Rishabh and falling in love with him.


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