We are back with the latest episode of Naagin 6 which is going to be more interesting like previous episodes. The Supernatural show has grabbed the attention of the watchers and once again, Saturday’s episode is all set to take place in the upcoming hours. Many fans are waiting to know what will happen in the upcoming hours? Well, the show has come with some interesting twists and turns. Some promo videos have been released on the official website of the ColorsTV and fans are now waiting to know about the upcoming episode.

naagin 6

Now, one of the promo videos shows that Pratha and Ichadhari Nevla fights with each other and Pratha will try to save Chanda and when Pratha gets a Mayavi Trishul, she kills Nevla by throwing at him and he died at the scene. Pratha saves Chanda from him and later, Mehek and Pratha will search about Pannu. It will be interesting to watch that they both will plan to reveal the identity of Rehan in front of all and take a new step against him. But later, everyone including Seema, Rihaan and Vihan will prove Pratha wrong in front of Rishabh as she was saying a lie to him.

They all will ask Samaira to lie in front of Rishabh and Pratha so, he will not obey her words and will think that she is saying lie to him due to which, there will be big misunderstandings created between them. Rishabh will ask Pratha to go out of the house but later, there will be an emotional moment created between them and they will come close to each other once again.

Along with this, the upcoming episodes will show the real identity of Urvashi as she will be a dragon revealed in the forthcoming episodes. With this, when the real identity of Urvashi will unveil, Reem and Ritesh’s real motives will disclose to the watchers. Maybe, they have come up with another plan against everyone. Now, Pratha will be seen facing some of the biggest problems in her life. Not only this but some twists will be revealed in front of all when Rishabh will come as a Cheel in the upcoming episode. Well, it has not be cleared yet that in which Avatar, Rishabh will be seen in the forthcoming episodes.

Today’s episode will also shows that Rehan tries to kill Samaira and Pratha can be seen explaining to Rishabh that Rehan tried to kill Samaira. He asks her how can she say this and Pratha reveals that Samaira’s clothes were smelling like perfume which she gave to him and she also saw Rehan who was using his perfume instead of him. She also saw Rehan running out of the door. Rishabh says that if the guy was running outside the house, not Rehan and because of this if something wrong will happen with chachi so, he will leave her. The Episode Ends.


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