Naagin 6 Spoiler Written Latest Update June 4th 2022: Naagin 6 is one of the most trending shows that have aired on TV. It is filled with a lot of supernatural and is based on the life of a Naagin that is keen on taking revenge for her loved ones. We will bring you the latest update that will revolve around the episode airing on June 4th, 2022. Let’s get started. The story is going to take on a sharp turn as Mahek is going to plot to try to separate Pratha and Rishabh using his twin brother. She will make her misunderstand and then separate them. We will then move on to Pratha, being pregnant, being in jail, and getting emotional.

Naagin 6 Spoiler Written Latest Update June 4th 2022 Dragon and Naag Are Back Episode

She starts thinking about how Mahek tricked her and Rishabh broke her trust.  The climax will also feature the entry of the previous Naagins. They will help Pratha fight Mahek along with many demons in the future. Naagin 6 Spoiler Written Latest Update June 4th 2022

Pratha will receive a signal from God Shiva about a danger that will be coming in the future. The danger that is hinted at is going to be none other than Mahek, who is using the twin brother of Rishabh to separate Rishabh and Pratha. There will be an entry of a new character whose purpose will be to make waste of the plots made by Mahek. While Pratha will start thinking about her time spent with Mahek, after hearing the truth, she will prepare herself to face and defeat Mahek.

The story will get a twist when Rishab will marry Mahek. There will be a mystery about Pratha’s daughter that will inevitably end Pratha’s life. Pratha will go against the decision made by Lord Shiva and the angel and will forfeit all her Naagin powers, because of her love for Rishabh. There will be a scene between Pratha and Rishabh where they will be crossing all boundaries in their love. She will leave her powers after Rishabh tells her to, and will turn into a normal human.

Pratha will face some problems as well because of Rehan. Mehak will uncover the secrets to become a Shesh-Naagin from Chanda. She will ask Rishabh’s doppelganger for help to destroy Pratha. There will also be a big reveal regarding Shesh-Naag on the occasion of Mahek’s marriage. Urvashi’s real intentions will also be revealed.

She will also make vows to her unborn child that will be very shocking. As she misunderstood Rishabh she will take a big promise from the unborn child that will be birthed by her.

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