Naagin 6 is a well-known and trending TV serial for every watchers and everyone love to watch this show because of its hype. We have seen lots of amazing twists and turns and once again, the serial is coming back with one more episode for the fans. Fans are too excited to watch the next episode and maybe, there is something twisting once again after the reality of Maha Asur has come in front of all and everyone are too excited to know that what will happen next? Keep reading to know more about the upcoming episode.

Naagin 6, 7th May 2022 Full Written Update

Well, it is still a mystery that what will happen in the next episode? According to the few promo videos, it is believing that the upcoming episodes will come with lots of twists and turns where a unhidden truth of Reem will disclose in front of Mehek due to which, Mehek will have to face some troubles and suffer from a many ways. Along with this, the reality of Seema have been disclosed in front of Pratha who will try to solve everything and Pratha will have to do everything to unveil Seema in front of all.

Unfortuately, Pratha will save herself from all the tricks of Seema because of her tragedy and she will get a new support in the upcoming episode that will turn everyone’s life including Pratha, Seema and Mehek. Along with this, Reem will be seen in a new character where she can be seen in a Ichadhari Naagin or Ichadhari Morni. This twist will be seen after few episodes of the show. With this, a new reality of Seema and Pratha’s grany will come in front of all where Seema played a tricky plan to get the supernatural power from Pratha’s family.

Well, an emotional moment will be seen between Rishabh and her mother who was locked inside the basement and now, she has been released by Pratha after which, Seema got stunned that what kind of tricks she is playing with her? Well, here are lots of things to appear in the latest episode and maybe, the fans will get surprise after seeing a turn back of few Sheshnaagin who have appeared in some previous episodes as welll. To whom are you expecting in the upcoming episode.


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