The exciting episode of Naagin 6 is all set to entertain the audience with a new turning point of Pratha’s life. Everyone is eagerly waiting to know what will be seen in the next episode as Pratha and Mahek are going to perform a Shiv Tandav in the temple and will take out all the poison water from the river to save the nation by the pandemic. Well, the upcoming episode will reveal lots of things about the villains or enemies of the countries. Well, the promo videos of the next episodes has been released on the Internet and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the latest twists and turns.

naagin 6

After taking out all the poison out of the river, Pratha will get to know the reality of her life to become a Sheshnaagin. Pratha will get to know that there is something behind the castle of Nilgiri mountain. The reality of Pratha as Naagin will come out of the castle where many things will be revealed and along with Pratha, she will get to know about more Naagins in the world. Maybe, something more interesting will be seen in the latest episode because some of the sources are revealing that Mahek will fall in love with Rishabh.

Yes, the latest promo also reveals that Mahek will play all her evil plans against Pratha and will cheat on her to achieve the love of Rishabh. Maybe, Mahek will try her best to get Rishabh but Pratha will not let happen this and she will also try to stop her by doing this. To help Pratha, many more casts as Naagins will be seen in the upcoming episodes. While all the realities will come in front of Pratha when she swears to become a Sarvashesth SheshNaagin.

After taking all poison from the river, she will become a Neelkanth Naagin. Along with this, the upcoming episode will take out to the past of that night when Pratha became a Sheshnaagin. What was the reason behind that why Pratha become a Sheshnaagin? According to the updates, she was cheated by her all family and due to this, they also broke into the castle. It was all created to achieve Amrit and it was all played by her family member. With this, we will get to see many more things in the upcoming episode and until the watchers will have to wait for the latest episode? Stay tuned with us to know more latest updates.


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