Everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of Naagin 6 which is one of the top-rated and popular shows of ColorsTV. Since the Naagin Season 6 has appeared on the TV, it has been grabbing huge attention of the fans and now, they have reached too far with every single episode that premieres every Saturday and Sunday. Well, once again, the Sunday episode of the show is all set to entertain the users, and maybe, the viewers are eagerly waiting to watch it. Through this article, we will share the written update of the upcoming episode.

Naagin 6, Latest Episode 15th May 2022 Written Update

Well, as we have seen in the previous episodes Sesh Nevla has been entered into the life of Pratha, and Rishabh and she will have to face Nevla along with this, Seema has taken another evil step against Pratha and will try to reveal the real identity of Pratha in front of all especially Rishabh. Along with this, we have seen how Sesh Nevla just touched Mehek’s skin and she burnt. Pratha said that she will have to find out about the person who came into this house as the son of Chanda. Pratha went to Chanda’s room in late at night to know about the truth.

Suddenly, Seshnevla stopped Pratha’s way and she asked him about his reality. Sesh Nevla reveals his identity in front of her and they both fought with each other outside Chanda’s room. Seshnevla said that she can’t even beat him and he has come in their life to destroy everything. Now, the upcoming episode will also reveal that Urvashi has been revealed as a dragon who unveiled reality. Pratha will attack and kill Kayansh after hitting Mayavi Trishul at him and due to which, Seema will come into anger and will take an evil step against Pratha.

With this, the latest promo video shows that Urvashi will reveal her identity as Dragon and will take place her evil plan against it. It will be interesting to watch that how will it happen? Well, many fans are expecting what will happen next because Rishabh will also become Sesh Cheel or something else but it has not been revealed yet. Also, it will also reveal who will come in the latest episode to help Pratha against every fight. So, to whom are you expecting in the latest episode of Naagin 6? Stay tuned for more updates here.


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