Naagin 6 June 5th 2022 Today Episode Written Update: With the climax of the series Naagin 6 being just around the corner, everyone is hyped and is eager to know more about how the series will unfold. Naagin has been a series that has been favored by many of its fans. This is also the reason why it has had so many sequels till now and we will still get to see more in Naagin 7. Do you think that Naagin 7 will be made or will Naagin 6 be the finale of the series?

Naagin 6 June 5th 2022 Today Episode Written Update Shocking! Mahek Rishabh Kills Pratha

Let us tell you that the upcoming episode of Naagin 6 is all set to entertain the audience with one more turning point in which something twisting will be seen and maybe, it will unexpected for all the fans who love to watch Pratha and Rishabh’s love story. If you also want to know what is going to happen so, you are at the right place. Putting that aside, Let’s talk about what has happened till now and what is going to happen in the coming episodes. Naagin 6 June 5th 2022 Today Episode Written Update

Naagin 6 June 5 2022 Today Written Update:

So far, there have been a lot of revelations with some of them being Mahek’s betrayal and Rishabh being misunderstood by Pratha. We know that Mahek had been plotting to separate Rishabh and Pratha and had succeeded in doing so.

We also got to see Pratha asking for vows from her unborn child, in jail, and preparing to face off against Mahek to defeat her. There were also hints that all the previous Naagin will be joining forces to help Pratha.

From the latest Promo videos of the series, we know that the angel will stop Pratha from letting go of her powers. Pratha will be going to the Raftanchal jungle to let go of her Naagin powers all because of her love for Rishabh. It is going to be the night of the Red Moon but the red light emitted by the moon will be covered by the black clouds. This will turn out to be a hint from Lord Shiva as he tries to stop her from giving up her powers.

Lord Shiva will prepare many trials for Pratha to face and she has to complete all of them if she wants to let go of her Naagin powers and turn human by the blessing of Lord Shiva. Then the scene will move on to Pratha being jailed and Mahek alongside the twin of Rishabh will be plotting a dangerous scheme and start taking action. We will also get to see the reality of Yash and Urvashi. Pratha is emotional in jail thinking that she was deceived by Rishabh but it will turn out to be a plot of Mahek.

Mahek, Rishabh, and his twin will give false statements to get her out of the way. Pratha will be shocked to hear everything and will be unable to prove herself innocent in court. The Court will give her the death penalty. When she is put in jail, a criminal jail will use Pratha to get her work done and Pratha will start fighting there. She will be sympathetic toward her bad luck, while she cries and will ask Lord Shiva to end all her suffering and decides to die.

But then she will know of her pregnancy and her death penalty will be revoked. We will also get to see a marriage between Rishabh’s twin and Mahek. So, are you excited to hear the story? What do you think? Will we get to see Pratha’s child taking revenge for her? Or will the series end?

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