The fans are too excited to watch the upcoming episode of Naagin 6 which is one of the top trending and popular supernatural shows among the watchers across the nation. The show has completed its last five seasons successfully and now, the ongoing season is rapidly grabbing the attention of people across the world. Many fans are too excited to watch the next episode of the show and maybe, it will be interesting to watch because of the ongoing drama in the show. As everyone knows that Seema is the Maha Asur who is going to destroy the entire country and is also, Pratha’s husband.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 8th May 2022 Written Update

Now, everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of the serial that begins with something twisting and turning for all the fans. According to the promo videos, the episode begins with Seema who gets shocked after seeing Chanda from the balcony. She feels sleepy and goes back to her room. Rishabh walks with her. Later, the wax of candles falls down on the curtains and it spreads all over. Rishabh was trapped in the middle of the fire and all rushed to save him. Rishabh asks Seema who is the woman who saved his life.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 8th May 2022 Written Update

Suddenly, Pratha replies that this is a surprise gift for Seema and she is Rishabh’s mother. Rishabh gets stunned after hearing this and Pratha continues that she is a a best friend of Rishabh’s mother who lost her memories. Later, Seema hears Chanda who is singing a Lori. Seema tries to see inside her room and suddenly, finds snakes around her and tries to move them back from her. Pratha comes inside and taunts her. Seema is trapped by a snake and Pratha releases her.

Now, Seema can be seen warning her to kill Chanda, and later, Rishabh says that he will take care of her because Chanda is like his mother of him. When Rishabh takes care of Chanda, Pratha follows Seema to the kitchen. While Seema is working and shows as it is paining in her back, she asks servants to handle this. Pratha says that she slept all the servants and because of this, Seema will have to cook food. Seema gets angerier and Pratha makes fun of her. So, what are you expecting in the upcoming episode of Naagin 6? There will be lots of things to watch in tonight’s episode.


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