Naagin 6, April 3rd, the latest episode of the ongoing excited and entertaining serial of ColorsTV is on its hype and the watchers are too excited to watch the supernatural serial of the TV screens. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of the ongoing serial. Well, we have seen lots of things in the last episode in which Pratha got to know the reality of her that how she became a Seshnaagin and her journey to save the nation began. With this, Pratha became Naagin and suck the poison out of the river but Mahek stopped her by saying that it is too dangerous.

Naagin 6 3rd April 2022 Written Update

Pratha played a tandav in front of Shivji’s statue. Along with her, Mahek and Shalaka also dance and get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Pratha sucks all the poison out of the river to save the entire country from poison. While another side, Rishabh asked the college principal about Pratha as she studied her but he denied it. Along with this, he also asked the neighbors of her previous house where neighbors told him that Pratha and her father used to stay inside the room and never came out, it seems that they were hiding something.

After Pratha drunk all the poison out of the river, she fell down and her whole body turned black. Later, Mahek and Shalaka rushed to Mahek and told each other that they will have to take her to the palace behind the Nilgiri mountain. Well, the upcoming episode will come with a turning point in Pratha’s life. According to the latest promo videos, Rishabh can be seen slapping Pratha in the room after seeing a mark on her body. He says that it is hurting and Pratha says that she hates him because he said to her that he loves her after their marriage, she found him in the room with his ex-girlfriend, Rim.

Rishabh says that she doesn’t need to care about this. He says that how can she dare to ask this to him. He says that someone’s love is living with her and is this a baby of her fiance Mayank and he doesn’t think so. He blames her by saying that does she loves someone or any other. Suddenly, Pratha gets angry and slaps him. He falls down far away from her.

Now, we are going to see lots of upside-down in the upcoming episode and watchers are too excited to watch the next episode tonight. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of Naagin at 8 PM on ColorsTV.


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