Those who missed the last few episodes of Naagin 6, should not miss the next amazing episode that will be interesting to watch. Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch the latest episode of the ColorsTV supernatural show, Naagin 6 has been entertaining millions of the fans in the country and once again, the episode is all set to entertain others. It will be interesting to watch what will happen after Pratha gets to know something about Seema and other asurs who want to destroy the country by spreading poison in the river but Pratha has the responsibility to save her country from every traitor.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 29th May 2022 Today's Written Update

Now, we are going to share the latest written update of the upcoming episode. Tonight, the unexpected episode will begin after Pratha will take her Naagin avatar and will continue her journey to the seventh lok of the earth to find out the Amrit Kalash. On another side, Mahek prays to Lord Shiva to help Pratha to find her way before it’s too late. Pratha gets the Amrit Kalash and promises Mahek that she will now save the nation through it. Later, Rishabh along with Seema, and Rainaksh reaches to the temple and they argues to Pratha. Rishabh asks her that why is she trying to kill Chanda.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 29th May 2022 Written Update

After hearing this, Pratha makes her understand that he was being manipulated by Seema and definitely, he will refuse to understand her. Later, the episode shows that Rishabh falls down because Seema gave him poison in which she mixed it in the milk before reaching there. She takes out a knife and threatens Pratha to give her Kalash back otherwise, she will not only kill Seema but Rishabh will also die. Pratha tell Rishabh that Chanda is his real mother not Seema and Seema also accepts the same.

Seema put an offer in front of Pratha that she has a cure of poison but she has to give her Kalash in return of a cure. Pratha traps in trouble that if she should save her husband or the entire country. After thinking for a while, she decides to give Kalash to Seema and chooses to save her husband’s life. Seema gives her cure for the poison. Now, Seema decides to pour the Amrit Kalash mixed with Poison in the Ganga River so, the entire nation could be poisoned.

Seema does the same and Banno’s hands start burning as a liquid falls on her hand. Banno confirms that Pratha caught them into a trap where Kalash doesn’t have poison but Amrit only. Seema gets angry and reaches back to fight Pratha in the temple. Now, the upcoming episode will also see how Pratha will fight with Nevlas, Banno, and Rainaksh. Pratha kills Banno and also warns Seema to be in her limit otherwise, she will not hesitate to kill her. Later, Pratha cures Rishabh and go back to her house with Rishabh along with Chanda. The Episode Ends.


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