In the last few episodes, we have seen lots of twists and turns and finally, the show is all set to entertain the fans once again, and Sunday’s is all set to entertain the fans once again. In the last Saturday’s episode, we saw that how Seshnaagin was trapped by Snake Charmer and he torchered them to ask what was the hidden secret behind becoming the Seshnaagin? How did she become the Seshnaagin at that night and what happened next? Many things are revealing right now because Seshnaagin has got free from the trap of Snake Charmer and now, she has her plan to save her country from evil naagins.

naagin 6

According to the latest updates, Seshnaagin is going to appear in the latest episode along with her, many more evil things will take place with her. As we can see that Seshnaagin will fight with Lal Naagin who came from the Changistaan to destroy Hindustaan and spread the pandemic in the entire nation. Now, Seshnaagin is trying to stop her and says that she will not let her do this and along with this, we will get to see that Pratha will come in her real identity to fight against Lal Naagin who is going to mix a chemical in the Yamuna river.

She has intentions to destroy everything and on another side, Seshnaagin will come to her and says that she will not let her do this. With this, Lal Naagin said that she just want to destroy the country. We also saw the war between Lal Naagin and Seshnaagin in which, Pratha won to take poison from her which she wanted to mix in the water and spread to the entire nation. After taking the poison from her, Pratha decided that she will hide this poison far away from Lal Naagin and hide it in the temple of Shiv.

Later, Lal Naagin will take her second attempt to take her Vish back from Pratha and this time, Seshnaagin could be in danger because Lal Naagin just wants to take revenge from her, while Pratha will have to hide her reality from everyone and also have to save her family from her.

Later, Rim plans a birthday for Rishabh and everything is going on well, and suddenly, everyone gets shocked after seeing the entry of Lal Naagin in Gujral’s house. Lal Naagin will make her entry in the Gujral’s house to take care of Mr. Gujral but she has the main intention to find out her Vish. During the birthday celebration of Rishabh, Lal Naagin finds where Pratha hides her poison. Now, the upcoming episode will go more entertaining where viewers will get to see the fight between Lal Naagin and Seshnaagin.


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