Hey folks, are you waiting to watch today’s episode of Naagin 6? Basically, the show has been reached on its hype after the last episode. The last episode was unexpected for all the viewers as some unfolded pages have been revealed in which Seema was involved totally and Pratha got shocked after learning the truth of her. Those who have watched the last episode expected what will happen next but for those who haven’t realized what actually happened in the previous episode, we would like to share some glimpses with them before sharing the written update of an upcoming episode.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 1st May 2022 Written Update

Well, it was seen in the previous episode that Seema booked a honeymoon package for 3 couples and Mehek ask Pratha to don’t get too excited as they haven’t find the Maha Asur yet and it could be the biggest mistake for them if they couldn’t find as soon as possible. Pratha tells her that she is aware of this and find Maha Asur soon. Later, Rishabh was attacked by someone and Pratha ran after that person and gets shocked after seeing that she is none rather than Seema who was trying to kill Rishabh. Pratha can’t believe this and Seema asks her to throw her Mangalsutra as she has killed Rishabh but Pratha tells her that he is still alive and fine.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 1st May 2022 Written Update

Along with this, it was also seen that everyone returned from their honeymoon and Urvashi asked Pratha how did they come so soon. Pratha told her that Rishabh met an accident due to which, they had to come back. Later, Pratha notices that Seema adding something to the halwa and Pratha stop and tell Rishabh that she mixed poison in the halwa. Seema ate it and asked Pratha how could she suspect her and starts crying in front of all.

Rishabh also got angry on Pratha and said that she could never do this. Later, they went to Garuda temple but Pratha couldn’t enter because she is a Naagin. Now, the latest will show you something twisting where Pratha will bring out the Rishabh’s real mother from the closet. Everyone including Seema gets shocked after seeing that Pratha took this unexpected move against her. Along with this, Mehek will take some action against Pratha which will be seen in the upcoming episode after seeing the closeness of Pratha and Rishabh.

With all of this, fans can expect something more to watch because to defeat the Maha Asur few more Seshnaagin will give their come back in the upcoming episode and they will reunite to defeat Seema. So, to whom are you expecting in the upcoming episode? Tell us in the comment section.


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