ColorsTV is known for introducing some of the best reality shows and nowadays, Balaji Telefilms show, Naagin 6 has grabbed the attention of the people around the nation because of its amazing concept and those who love to watch the amazing reality show on every weekend, they are waiting to watch the next episode tonight. The Sunday episode is all set to entertain the followers and finally, the show has taken a new turn where Pratha (Seshnaagin) got to know about the 5th Asur who is trying to harm the country by poisoning the entire Yamuna river.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 17th April 2022 Written Update

We have seen in the previous episode that Pratha got that her own father (Baba) is the 5th Asur who is trying to kill everyone by mixing the poison in the Yamuna and each and every single resident of the country will die. Pratha asked the reason of this and he told her that he just wants to take revenge on the country that didn’t help him and no one even came to him to help his family and now, he is going to take a step against them and vanished the entire country.

But, Seshnaagin doesn’t let him to do this and she will stop her father. In the upcoming episode, we will get to see how Pratha will stop her father and even, she will kill him to save the entire country. Her father tells her that she has poison and amrit together. He adds that if a drop of her blood will fall on the ice so, it will be poisoned because it will not effect the water but the poison will affect on ice.

To save herself and stop her father, Pratha goes in the shed of Lord Ram and asks for help from him to stop his father otherwise, the entire country will die. To save the world, Seshnaagin will have to take this step and has to kill her own father who is defending her. Along with this, we will get to see that Pratha will fall to the Lord Ram’s temple where she will urges to help and sees the arrow and arch, she finds that she will have to stop her father at any cost and for this, she can even kill him.

Pratha picks up an arrow and arch and aim at her father to stop him. Now, the upcoming episode will show how Pratha will stop her father, will she attack on him or not? Has she any other strategy to stop him? Lots of things is ready to take place in the upcoming episode so, get ready to watch the next episode on ColorsTV.


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