One of the top-rated and popular supernatural shows of ColorsTV, Naagin 6. The show has come with an interesting concept and this time, the show has been grabbing huge attention of the watchers since the show premiered on TV. Now, the episode begins with Seema who says that she will begin a new war in this country and this country will be removed from the map of the world. Seema Thukral says that the war will begin within a week and everyone will have to face trouble.

naagin 6

Another side, Rishabh talks to senior and says that an attack will be held in India and he promises that nothing will be taken place to the country. Another side, Mehek, and Pratha get to know that the country is about to be destroyed and they will also have to find that where is Amrit Kalash? And only MahaKal can save us from Kaalratri. On another side, Seema says that Pratha can’t save the world from this and she is just a Seshnaagin and can’t save the world. Suddenly, Rishabh gets a call about Seema and Rishabh gets to know that Seema is planning something evil against the country and suddenly, Rishabh points a gun at him.

Naagin 6 Full Episode 14th May 2022 Written Update

Rishabh says that he is mad because he doesn’t know that India’s biggest criminal is living in the house. Suddenly, Seema comes there and asks Rishabh to arrest Lalit. He says that what is she saying because she asked him to do this. Seema shows that she doesn’t know anything and he is lying to him. Seema creates drama there and Seema tries to provoke him. Lalit says that she is hiding many truths from him. Rishabh asks Lalit to surrender himself because he is a terrorist.

Suddenly, Pratha and Mehek come there and Lalit runs from there. Rishabh follows him and Seema welcomes by saying “Ao Naagino Ao”. She challenges them and Lalit stands on the building and warns them if he will not listen to him so, he will jump from there. Pratha asks Rishabh to listen to him first and then, he can take any action. Seema comes behind Lalit and pushes him. He falls down and Rishabh takes him to the hospital.

Pratha asks Rishabh to stop Chanda’s aunty from here because they feel comfortable with them. Naksh gets agree and suddenly, he touches to Mehek who burns from her skin. She says who is he? Later, Pratha talks to Mehek and thinks that who was the man? Pratha says that the man can’t do anything and someone overhears their conversation. Pratha comes into the avatar of Seshnaagin to reach in the room and suddenly, Renaksh stops her. He comes and says that he is too hot and he is not a normal human being. The Episode Ends.


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