The latest episode of Naagin 6 is all set to entertain the watchers with another episode of the day. Many fans are expecting that something twisting and turning is about to appear in the serial and to watch this, the fans are expecting something amazing to watch. It seems that the serial is all set to entertain the audience. After a few last episodes, the serial has been reached on its amazing turning points where lots of hidden truths will unveil in front of Rishabh’s family. Through this article, we are going to share the written update of the serial.

naagin season 6

Well, the serial has been reached on its hype as Pratha is not a normal girl rather a Sarwshresth Naagin. After seeing the Shesh Naagin trapped among between Asurs, Pratha unveils her real face in front of all. Till now, we saw that to know the reality of her enemy, Pratha gets agrees to become a daughter-in-law of Gujral’s family. All the characters of the serial including Tejaswi Prakash, Simba Nagpal, and Mahak Chahal began their role in the serial with high voltage drama. Pratha reaches to the mandap after covering her face with a veil and suddenly, the electricity went down.

Meanwhile, Rishabh and Ritesh reach to check out the fault in the electricity and while checking the electricity, Rishabh apologizes to his brother. After this, they drink together. On the other side, Urvashi takes doubt on Pratha after seeing her health condition. During the rituals of their marriage, Urvashi is trying to see the face of Pratha. Now, the rituals of filling sindoor in Pratha’s hairline begins and Urvashi takes up her veil to her face. Pratha uses her power to hide her reality in front of all.

Their marriage gets complete properly and suddenly, the other bride gets unconscious. Urvashi gets to know that Ritesh was sitting instead of Rishabh. Everyone gets shocked after seeing this. When Rishabh wakes up, he get to know that Ritesh gets married to Pratha. Rishabh asks why did he cheat on him. The family tries to handle the situation and Ritesh pushes Rishabh to the mandap of the marriage. Pratha saves Rishabh from being hurt.

When everyone gets to know that Rishabh gets married to Pratha, Urvashi insults her too much. Rishabh tells everyone that he loves Pratha and therefore, he did this. To make Pratha as her wife, she fights every one of his family member. Let us tell you that Rishabh got married to her to know about her reality. Now, the latest promo shows that Pratha’s real face comes in front of everyone. The Episode Ends.


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