Hey folks, we are back once again to share one of the most trending and supernature serial of ColorsTV, Naagin 6. The TRP of all the serial has been grabbed by the Tejaswi Prakash’s show, Naagin 6 and everyone is excited to watch every single episode of the show. Maybe, no one wants to skip any single weekend as the show has already captured its hype since the show began. Well, Pratha is on her way to revealing the hidden truth of her life and along with this, she wants to kill everyone who is trying to harm the country.

Naagin 6, Full Episode 9th April 2022 Written Update

Tejasvi Prakash aka Naagin aka Prath has already killed few of her enemies and is now, going to take another revenge on them. As we have seen in the last episode that Rehan went in his room and Pratha followed him to attack but Rishabh also entered into the same room and Pratha became normal as a human form. Pratha started insulting him and asked him why did he marry her and he doesn’t even love her. He says that she will get her answer and does she want to leave her relations behind?

Pratha tells him that he didn’t give the answer of her question yet. Suddenly, Ashi came there and asked them to participate in the antakshari. Later, Pratha sees Reem who is dancing with Rishabh. She thinks that he is in love with her and realizes that this is not her mission and she is moving from her aim. Later, Vihaan comes there and asks Rehaan for hunting. They gets agree and Mehek overhears their conversation and tells this to the Pratha. She goes behind them in the jungle and will take revenge of Riya’s murder.

In the next day, everyone asks about Rehaan and Seema says that he didn’t come yet. Well, the last episode was amazing. Now, the latest promo videos show the childhood of Pratha and Mehek who is playing with each other and their mother comes to them. She asks that she need to talk with Mehek and they go close to their granny’s picture. Mehek asks who is she? Their mother says that she is the mother of their mother means she was their granny.

She tells that she had a Naagmani and this Naagmani is given only to those who deserve it. Pratha’s mother says that this Naagmani will be given to Mehek in the future if she deserves it. They get happy but everyone knows that Mehek is not attracted to Risbah and could become an enemy of Pratha. So, let’s wait for the new twist and turn in the upcoming episode.


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