ColorsTV is all set to telecast one of the most loving and enthusiastic supernatural serials, Naagin 6 which has gained a massive fan following in recent days. Mostly, everyone love to watch these supernatural serial and fans are too excited to watch the upcoming episode of the serial because the 28th and 29th of May episodes will unveil lots of secrets and hidden truth in front of Rishabh and Seema. As we have seen in the previous episodes Rishabh kicked Pratha out of the house after her claims went incorrect against Seema and others in front of Rishabh.

Naagin 6, 28th May 2022 Full Written Update

Well, everyone knew that Pratha was not going to sit calmly in the further episodes as she will definitely take a huge step to unveil the identity of Seema in front of Rishabh and everyone who is totally involved in this horrific crime that they will destroy the entire country with their evil steps. In front of Pratha, it has been revealed that Seema is the Maha Asur who is going to destroy the country by spreading poison in the river and everyone will become prey of their poison. But, Pratha has taken oath that she will save this country at any cost.

Now, some official promo videos has been released on the official website and Instagram channels where it is revealing that something big is about to take place in the further episodes, especially in the 28th and 29th episode. Now, one of the trending promo video of the serial shows that Reem put gun on her head and threatens everyone including Rishabh, Seema and all the family members that she will shoot herself if Rishabh will not marry her. Reem was Rishabh’s girlfriend until he got married to Pratha.

Reem says that Rishabh said to her last night, that he loves Pratha and can’t marry any other. Reem says that if he will not deny this he loves Pratha so, she will shoot herself and threatens to commit suicide. Well, another promo video shows that Seema takes poison in another hand and a tub of milk. She mixes Poison in the milk and pours in the river in front of Pratha. She couldn’t do anything because she was trapped but Pratha shows her clever and as ever, she attacked Seema and her mate so, she can save the world at any cost.

Well, Pratha will get succeed to save the country but along with this, some other thing will also appear in the upcoming episode where Rishabh comes to know about her real identity of Pratha. Yes, Rishabh will see Pratha in her real identity and will ask her that who is she?


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