Naagin 5 is an Indian television drama series, it is produced by Ekta Kapoor. The series is based on the changing form of serpents. Here you will get to know about the drama going on in Naagin season 5 and will also inform you about the upcoming twist of the show. Naagin 5 continues to engage with the audience due to its exceptional performances by Hina Khan and other leading actors. Naagin 5 airs every week on Saturdays and Sundays at 8 pm on Colors Entertainment Channel. So let’s get the information of this upcoming episode of “Naagin 5” but before knowing its latest update, do a recap of its previous episode. In the previous episode, we will see how does Markat Succeeds in his plan to team up with fake bani to kill veer.

Naagin 5 Written Update 5th December 2020 Today Full Episode:

Baniat tried to kill Bani and she lies on the floor screaming for help, but as Markat raises his sword, Veer and Jay enter the entry cave to stop him. Bani enters the Agni Kund of the cave. On the other side, Markat also enters the cave with a separate fire torch. Bani tries to go from one side to the other to reach the idol of Lord Shiva. Meantime, Veer, who resides outside the cave in the forest, tries to save Bani from the attack. Veer goes inside the forest to find Bani and tries to find her in the forest.

Inside the hole, Markat throws Bani with his serpent’s tail and demonstrates his power. Bani says, “Shiva Shambhu, Bholenath are the only powers that have maximum powers and your powers are nothing before them”.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Markat says half Naagin will get the death of human and it will be full of fun to enjoy her death but you have no need to worry because now lord shiva will appear to bani. Yes, Now shiva will become Bani’s support to kill Markat. It will be very interesting to see when Lord shiva kills Markat and saves Bani.

Today will be the defeat of the serpent’s glory with the glory of shiva. Not only this, Bani will get all her power back with the help of Lord shiva. So, don’t forget to watch this upcoming episode of Naagin season 5.


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