“Naagin 5” is one of the popular shows on the Colors channel, the show comes at 8 PM. And the viewers watch the serial any time on the OTT platform Voot. In the last episode of the serial Jai felt that Bani save Veer’s life and thinks that she has to enter in Singhaniya family. Ver feels that Mayuri is hiding something from him. Mayuri thinks that she has to do something big. Veera, Bani, and others come there and then Mayuri comes there and tells everyone that she loves Ponky. POnky tells that they get married as soon as possible, everyone gets shocked.

Naagin 5 Veer bani

Ponky purposes the Mayuri and gives the ring to wear. Mayuri accepts the proposal and looks at the Bani. Everyone starts clapping. Mayuri asked that are you shocked to see this. Veer said that Ponky is a kid. He said that you are trapping him. Mayuri said that you have doubts about me. Jai said that he knows you will save him. Bani tells that she has guilt for killing him. And also says that she is feeling so bad for him. Bani said that she killed an innocent man. Then Jai tries to make her understand that if you kill him so definitely he did something wrong in his past.

Bani says at home there is a function going of Mayuri and Ponky’s engagement. Jai thinks and gets shocked when she makes this plan? In the upcoming episode of the “Naagin 5”  Daksh tells that he is getting a smell of the Naagin. The veer starts playing the flute. Bani gets scared and her body is converted into scaly. Then she thinks that if Veer sees her body then he knows her reality or her Avtaar then? Veer comes in front of her.

When Veer starts playing the flute then the eagle, a peacock starts hanging around the Bani. Then Bani thinks if Veer knows her Avtar then her revenge will be incomplete. Then suddenly there are lots of enemies who come in front of the Bani and she became in her real avatar in Naagin avatar. For more information keep watching the Naagin 5 and stay connect with us for the written updates and follow our site.


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