“Nagin 5” is one of the popular shows on colors, which comes on the weekend. So as we know in the last episode of Nagin 5 Bani said to Veer she needs to change her cloth. Then Veer comes inside and gives the suggestion that you can wear my cloth. like you are drunk now. Bani said to veer that you may live this room for some time. Then he comes back again and said do you have pegs? Bani said that how do you know that? He asks what do you want from me. Bani said what she feels like vomiting?


He said that he will help to take your dress then she replies that she is not drunk. Jai calls the Bani and the bani tells that Veer doesn’t come in angry and then laugh like they crack a joke. Jai suggests that you have to know your weakness. Bani said that she loves so much her twin brother but she kills him by mistake. Now she is in guilt and then Bani said that she will manage the things. Jai ties himself with the help of a row. Mayuri thinks that 30 minutes left and she comes to Veer and sits beside him. Mayuri ask the Veer did you have pain still in your hand he denies.

Bani keeps the Veer twins brother’s body and keeps his body under the moonlight. She keeps his dead body there just because she doesn’t want that he never get peace. Veer asks from him how did you do this? Mayuri tries to attack with an arrow to Bani. Jai standing behind them and he in icchadari snake and says Aadinagin die. In the upcoming episode, it will be a Maha weekend of Nagin 5. The elder sibling using the younger one as a mop.

Mayuri comes in her real face, she is a peacock. She is in the forest with Jai suddenly one snake comes near his body and Mayuri converts her body into a peacock. Then Mayuri attacks and eats the snake. Then she drops her feather on his body and took his body as a mop and left from there. Now the audience watches how to change hate in love in this season. For more information keep watching the show at 8 PM and for the written updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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