“Naging 5” is one of the popular show colors channels. In the last episode of the serial Balwant tells about the curse. Akash says I know if he doesn’t, look silent? Balwant says yes. Akash asks from the Shukla why he is blad in Kalyug. He said that he remembers his past. Bani reaches home and she gets shocked, listen to him very carefully. Balwant said that he was fearless and said now will find the Adagininagin. Akhesh said that he finds her. His brother ask that did he kill us. Akhilesh said no and he is the only mine.

Naagin 5 Written Update 17th October Latest Today Episode: Shukla Why Blad in Kalyug

Does Balwant ask who he is? Akhilesh, ask why are you in hurry? They look Bani. Akash tells Bani that they are new faces and with hairstyles. Akhilesh tells that he was just saying. Daksh said that he saw your face and get shocked and now change your face.

They did the dance with her and take her and fall her on the couch. Bani said that’s it and go into her room. Does Balwant ask who is the aadinagin? Akash said that first I want to enjoy myself with my wife. Bani goes inside the room and thinks about Akash and Vi according to the words.

Akash and Shukra also go inside the room. He comes near to her and asks what happen, darling? He sees her and said you are looking so hot. He asks her did she is new like her new face.

He hold her and pulls her close and looks into the mirror then he again comments that they both are looking good with each other. Bani said I going then he replies that he also wants to listen to his praise. Bani said stand here and she left the room. Bani wants to go outside the room but he holds her hand.

He comes in his reals face with and he said he knows her that she is Anadinagin. He said that he will take revenge without touch. He becomes a half-snake. Akhilesh said that he was afraid. He laugh and Bani see towards him. In the upcoming episode of the serial Shukla comes and said to Jai that he identify the Nagin.

Akhesh tells that he will kill them without even touch them. Shukla gives Mayuri and Jai three poison knife and they attack Bani. Bani fell the Akaksh from the Akash. For more updating episode keep watching the Nagin 5 and stay connect with us.


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