“Nagin 5” is one of the famous shows in the TV drama show. This is the Nagin 5 written update of 6th September 2020. The last 4 season of the Nagin show was very hit and top show one of the channel. On the TV screen, the first episode of the Nagin we will see that because the Veer brother Jai is in trouble and also angry with him. Side by side, Veera tells all about the three pieces of information. Then Bani asks that she knows about the end of the story or not. She tells hem that she will murder him. After listening to her, she tells her that she thinks she killed him already.


Then Naina enters in the room. Daksh informs Balwant that they sniff of snake in their room. Further, Balwant requested to kidnap the Shukla and also says that no one knows about that, especially mentioned the name of Veer. On the other hand, Veer talking about his behavior and he has his old memories. And also have some inner feelings for her. Bani gives a classy character at a veer.  When everything is going on then the Balwant men turn off the light and then they kidnap the Naina.

Bani calls the Jai and they meet her. Jai gives the information and he tells that something is serious here. And he also tells that Naina had kidnapped by someone from his house. But they give the answer that firstly he solves the Prakash topic. Tapish tells the Balwant that he thinks whatever they planned that plan will be not executed but Balwant said it’s his work. This all talks are continuing, that Bani says something wrong. Jai said to Bani that take care of yourself and then he picks the Naina with him and also calls the police.

The veer includes in the talk and then talks about his father with his cousin’s brother. He did not give his question answer. To give the answer they put the question to the Bani and Veer. In this argument, Daksh and Naina change the place. But now Veer gets angry and then he asks where is my father? He asks in a very angry mood. On the next screen, we watch some unknown faces who take the girl from one place to another place. The all-girls are not safe. To continue with the story keep watching “Nagin 5” on colors at 8 to 9 PM and also watch anytime on Voot OTT platform. For more written updates be connected with us and stay safe!



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