In this episode, Bani stumbles upon a mysterious man, Arijeet (Farishta). He reminds her of some memories of Satyug where he saves Vani’s life. Bani asks him, where have you been? He says he is here to remind her what she has to do on earth. He scolds her to not take her revenge on every cheel and to love Veer. Bani says she will not spare any of them who has done everything wrong to me and my family in Satyug. She will fight for the justice of her family. Arijeet says that Veer is guilty as well so she has to kill him too. But she takes a stand for veer and asks him to not harm Veer.

naagin 5

Then he takes Bani to the dance floor and impresses cheels with his dance and smile. Veer smiles back at Arijeet which upsets Bani. Arijeet has some special powers to make someone lost their memory. He reminds Bani about her motive for rebirth in Satyug. Bani wanted to talk to Panditayin about Arijeet but Jay already kidnapped her. But Bani succeeded to clear her confusion. Meanwhile Farishta cursed Veer to forget Bani.

Arijeet challenges Bani that he will take his revenge from cheels and will kill them one by one. Bani is worried about Veer’s missing memory. Bani came to know that Jay has called Arijeet on earth and inflamed him against Bani. Bani requests Arijeet to recover Veer’s memory and she will do everything according to his plan. Arijeet agrees to give her last chance to kill every cheel including Veer.

Bani recalls the moments she spent with Veer and got emotional. As she was instructed to kill chill, she targets Pawan and makes a plan with Arijit. Arijit makes a plan of outing with Cheels. Veer treats Bani as a maid and refuses to take her out with her. Bani stays at home and plans to kill Pawan. When everyone goes out, Pawan comes to take some stuff, Bani enters his room and reminds him of his bad deeds. Pawan gets scared of Bani’s Naagin appearance. For more updates follow us.


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