The latest update of Naagin Season 5 for what many fans are waiting and they want to know what is happening in the current episode As you have seen in the last episode Maarkat has arrived again in the show to take revenge, this moment will bring a new twist in the show. In the upcoming episode, we will see Maarkat and Jay will be trying to kill Veer and Bani who loves Veer will try to save him, let’s see how she does and secure Veer.

Naagin 5 19th December 2020 Written Episode Latest Update: Veer Will Cheat Bani

The episode begins with Jai as Jai takes advantage of Veer’s lost powers, and shortly thereafter, Jai appears to Bani. Along with this, Bani learns about Jai and attacks him, saying that he has double-crossed her once again. Jai says that he was simply encouraging her on this basis because Maarkat has turned away from the snake.

Meanwhile, Jai and Bani go to that place and see that Maarkat is missing from there. Jai says that She is Maarkat who is sending those frightened little animals, she has come again to destroy the life of Veer. Bani does not trust Jai’s words and reaches home and starts searching for Veer.

Balwant says that Veer had gone to the office and has not yet returned from there, Bani says that she will not let him do anything. She asks Jai how to save Veer. Jai states that Maarkat is responsible for Veer’s position, so Jai warns Bani though he is taking revenge on Veer with Maarkat. Finally, Bani finds Veer in injured situation, for saving him she has nectar which was given by Jay and he says it is magic water if you make him drink he will become normal and his all injuries will disappear but in actuality it was poison.

Bani does not know about this, she makes this water drink to Veer for making him well but after drinking the water he becomes more serious then Bani goes to the temple in front of lord shiva and starts frolicking dance to save Veer. let’s see what happens in the upcoming episode will Bani able to save him or not? If you want to saw this upcoming twist of Naagin season 5 then do not forget to watch it on Colors at 8:00 Pm.


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