As we all know that the love between the Veer and Bani was started just then, the mountain of troubles was broken. In this article today, we will talk about the upcoming episode of Naagin Season 5. We will see how the moonlight will subdue Veer, who is immersed in Bani’s love. After that, we will see that this matter will reach marriage. Maarkat is pulling the string of Veer. Although when he comes back to his original face, he apologizes to Bani for wrong behavior. Veer apologizes to Bani in a different way and Bani also apologizes to Veer.

Naagin 5 Today's Episode 20th December 2020 Written Update: Veer & Bani Go For Date

In the next scene, Veer arranges a tremendous date for Bani but as we all know that Naagin season 5 is a supernatural show in which is going to start with a tremendous twist. After being hypnotized by Maarkat Veer transforms into to eagle and flies away in aggression.  After this, Bani will come to know that this is someone’s trick then She found out the truth, Bani will make effort to save Veer.

Bani will Join to save Veer and save veer, On the other side, Veer will go completely under the control of Moonlight and will agree to marry her. Though we will see to save Veer, Bani will also make a plane to marry Jai, but Jai will be happy to hear this. Let us tell you that this marriage will not be complete because this marriage will be only a pose to save Veer, which will be composed by Bani.

Now, it will be interesting to see if Bani will win in this plan or lose veer. If you want to see this upcoming twist which is coming on the show today so, don’t forget to watch this upcoming drama on your own Tv channel colors at 8 Pm tonight. Remain attached to this site and stay with us for updates.


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