The latest episode begins with Balwant as Balwant tells Jai how you can tell if Maarkat is dead or Maarkat is killed. Jai tells the truth that I have killed Maarkat, not by anyone else. On the other hand, Veer does not believe this and requests that he tell the reality before his death and disclose all the truth. Jai says that I am telling the truth. Jai requests that they come out and see clearly.

Naagin 5 Today Episode 9th January 2021 Written Update: Maarkat Alive Or Not?

In the next scene, we see everyone go out to see the body of Maarkat and see the body of Maarkat hanging. Balwant requests cheerfully that Shukla check him, on the occasion that he is truly near? Shukla checks and says that he is equal? Balwant celebrates Jai and accepts that it is all true Jai kicks and takes a new turn in the story.

In addition, we find everyone talking and the others accuse each other, although Jai confesses his crime, Veer later requests Daksha and Ponki to take Jai inside. Veer approaches the body of Maarkat and looks at him with grief-stricken eyes. He says that she was very terrible when Bani sees Veer’s mother from far away and gestures to Veer.

After this, the new twist will come in the story, about which twist we will tell you today through this article. As we all know that only Panditayan faculties have put Bani’s life at risk. Along with this, we would like to tell you that Jai decides to hang Bani on the full moon night. Yes, Jai vows that when she becomes powerless with Bholenath’s trident, he will kill her.

Then, there will be a twist in the story which is that Maarkat will return to the show again and Jai plans to team up with him to kill Bani. If you want to watch this upcoming episode then don’t miss its next written update which is coming tomorrow on the same page.

The upcoming episode of Naagin Season 5 is going to be very interesting because as we said that Maarkat will return to the show once again, which will surprise everyone and Bani will once again face a mountain of troubles. The big twist in the story comes when Bani sees Jai stand against her. So, get ready for this upcoming twist and drama of Naagin Season 5.


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