The episode of naagin season 5 starts with Chandni as Veer and Bani will unite again by thwarting Chandni’s move, today the episode will be told about the same twist and the story will also introduce a new track. Today we will see that Bani will go through the magical stairs on the moon to save Veer, although Bani will face many troubles while walking up the stairs but she will reach the moon without relentlessly trying to reach her destination.


After reaching there, she will meet Chandni. After that, Bani will find out from Chandni that she is marrying Veer. Upon hearing this, Bani will be shocked and start fighting Chandni. Due to the fight, Chandni will push Bani from the moon and Bani will hit the stairs and reach Singhania House.

A new twist in the story will come in the next scene when Jai will help Bani to save Veer and Bani will also take Jai’s help and try to save Veer. Next, we will see that on one side, Chandni and Veer will be getting married in the sky, and on the other side, Jai and Bani will be getting married on the ground. But the twist comes in the episode when Veer sees Bani and have made promises, upon seeing that Bani will understand that Veer is freed from the powers of Chandni.

After this, Veer and Bani will stop each other’s marriage and Veer will expose all the intrigues of Chandni. That is how the Chandni track will end and Veer will return home. Meanwhile, the romance of Veer and Bani will begin. All fans of naagin season 5 will get to see the love of Bani and Veer after a long time. If you want to watch this interesting episode of today, then don’t forget to watch the entire episode of today on your TV channel Colors at 8 pm.


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