The upcoming episode of Naagin 5 seems more interesting with lots of turns and twists. The upcoming episode starts with Bani. Bani enters the underground place where she sees a lady who kept in a trap. After she enters the darkroom, she shocked to see the lady, and then she saves her life. Later, bani turns into her Naagin form and saves her life from the trap after that they both are come out from the underground place. In the next scene, the lady tries to run but Bani takes Veer to show the lady. After that, she shows her face to Veer and her original personality.

naagin 5 14th november

In the next scene, Veer totally shocked after see the original personalities of the lady. Veer totally stunned after seeing the face of the lady because the lady completely looks like her mother. But, her father Balwant told him that his mother was died in past. Veer is stunned after seeing her face and thinking about the things that his father told him about his mother.

In the next scene, you will see that the veer will save and protect the bani. And on the other hand, all the family will avenge the death of Moni and Veer saves bani. Balwant was told to Veer that her mother was died before but now after see the lady’s face Veer totally confused. The upcoming episode of Naagin 5 seems very exciting and thrilling with lots of twists and turns.

If you want to watch the upcomng episode of Naagin 5 then it is airing on Colors TV at 08:00 pm. Many people regularly watching the show Naagin 5 on regular basis because they dont want to miss any update of story lineup. The story of the upcoming episode looking very interesting and amazing. All the characters are showing their thriller form in the episode and giving very genuine performance to entertain the viewers. So, dont miss to watch the upcoming episode of Naagin Season 5.


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