“Nagin 5”  is one of the popular shows on the colors channel. Which is a fictional serial in the last episode of the show we watched that the Bani and Jai remember their previous birth at Bolnaath temple? They talk with each other and also remember all the things about their previous birth. Ritu starts crying and said that Jai is yours. Arohi tells that he met with this girl on Noor marriage. Jai make understand to the grandmother tells that your third meet with the Dada Ji and then you get married to each other.

naagin 5

Bani said to Jai that he did not give me a single time to the purpose and he proposes her and she gets shocked. bani gets so happy to see this. Jai said that you do not tell me about your plan and you are still taking a risk to know how he is? He said that in our previous birth we have lots of things and tells if again it will happen with them. Bani tells before the marriage of Meera they plan to kill everyone. She tells them that she needs him.

Veera tells that he knows very well that Bani will not let this happen she stop the marriage because she thinks him as the worst person. The Chachi tells that she choose that day for her marriage on which date Meera gets married. she tries to snatch the Meera happiness from her. Bani tells that her means don’t like that she thinks so carefully and take this decision and she wants their blessings. Meera tells stop it. Tapish tells that Bani really loves her sister. Veer said that she will marry me because he wants to save her sister’s life. Bani thinks that now this time the end of the story will be changed.

Bani and Jai remember all the things of the previous life and thinks that how they both lost their life. On the upcoming show of the “Naagin 5,” someone shoots at Jai. Then Jai falls down on the floor. Bani gets so angry and fights with the Veer and Bani kills the Veer. After all this, just someone comes on the spot and she gets shocked to see him. In the upcoming episode, Bani gets angry too much and she changes her body in naagin and thinks that why she is angry. For more information stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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