One of the most popular and watched shows, the name is Nagin 5, as we have seen rest of 4 seasons that were amazing and people loved it, still, it has millions of fan followers, as per the source it is one of the high TRP, the show is directed by Santram Verma and Ranjan Kumar Singh. In this, you find lots of drama and thriller. You will also get to see your favorite actor and actresses such as Shahir Sheik and Riya Sharma. Through this article, you can discover the latest twist and Update about Upcoming Episode.


The episode begins with Bani as Bani comes to know about all the falsified facts and along with this, an attempt is on to keep Mayuri and Shukla safe as they have to keep Mayuri and Shukla safe.  we Look forward, Shukla goes to meet Jai and says his schedule is already spoiled because Bani has told him everything after that he said before one day the death of Veer. However, she is failed to trap bani.

In the next Scene, Jai says you have changed your name. Are you also feeling for him? I do not get time to kill him. Jai says Adhinagin that will be insultfull of the occassion, that you could be used to kill the kite. Bani refused to Inform that I have some work then Jai says that you are comitting sucicide with her. Get what you are thinking of him and take him as your substantial inturst.

On the other side, Bani says to stop all this, I am very sad because of you already. Veer show room as many more look there is no Shouting.. Show bani though before she talks, veer asks if you want to rest (or not).. Bani ask you I removed that blind are you not going??

In the next scene, Veer says I investigated you then they said Bani is the one who is harming me. I told you every complaint of mine but most of the time you deny. The epsidoe end with this, Stay tuned with us for more updates related to this show.



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