The most interesting and high rated show on Colors Tv named “Naagin 5”. The show comes on air every Saturday and Sunday. The show is gaining its TRP every week. The leads of the show Bani and Veer are getting so much from the audience. Their chemistry is ruling the hearts of many people. The current track is going on very exciting and amazing. The makers of the show feature a lot of twists and turn every week in the story. In today’s episode, you will see that Jay tells Bani that When Veer’s all efforts to get you will, he thought why not snatch your powers from you.

Naagin 5

In the last episode, you have seen Bani and Veer goes to Farmhouse. Veer asks her I don’t understand why you are not gone with the other family members. Bani realizes that a snake is following them. They reach the farmhouse. Everyone asks Veer that where is Rani and asks them to call her. Bani sees the special tree and thinks that this tree will protect the farmhouse from that snake. Veer tells Bani about Rani. Rani says that looks like one more person like her. Veer says that Bani is so boring. Bani gets angry and goes to the kitchen.

Veer followed her to the kitchen and asks her to come with him. Bani refuses to come with her. Veer says to her that your perfume smell similar to someone. She says that she went to Rani’s room to clean. Meera says to Veer that Rani is resting. you should not disturb her if you want to impress her. She refuses and opens the door. But Rani was not there. Veer thinks that Rani and Bani are the same people. But Rani comes there and everyone gets shocked to see her. Rani and Veer go for a long drive. Bani gets worried and starts to find him. Bani cries. Rani takes Veer to some strange place. Veer gets conscious.

In today’s episode, you will see that Bani arrives house with Tapish and Jay. After a lot of effort, Veer comes out from that strange place. Jay says Bani to forget her Veer as she has lost him. Jay says to Bani that Veer wants to snatch your powers as he couldn’t get her. Jay also tells her that Veer not only killed Markaat but also get his powers. The upcoming episode is going to be very interesting and entertaining. So, don’t forget to watch “Naagin 5” on colors at 8:00 pm. Stay tuned with us for more interesting updates.


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