The episode starts with Vani and Veer are talking in her office. He says that he wants to drink coffee. Vani tries to call in the cafeteria but she doesn’t know that number. Veer confronts her that she doesn’t know the number of her office cafeteria because she is not the daughter of the company’s owner. Vani sees that Bhagat Taneja is coming to his cabin. Vani asks Veer to go to the cafeteria if he needs to drink it. Veer asks Vani if she has any boyfriend. He orders a dish which contains Mashroom.

Naagin 5

Vani says that you cannot have this dish and Veer asked her how does she know that I am allergic to Mashroom. Vani says that I knew it because of social media. She says that I have a boyfriend but she broke up with him. Vani suddenly goes to the women’s washroom and feels that she is not well. She changed herself into Naagin and goes to Meera’s house. She says that she is not well. Meera asks her to call the doctor. Mr. Singhania talks to tapes that Veer is drinking because he is missing Vani.

Nagin 5
Nagin 5

Tapish stopped her to do this. Veer says that I feel some connection with Rani and he feels anxious. Veer says that he wants to meet Rani. Tapish says that he has that connection with Vani, not Rani. Veer says that I am an eagle and I won’t love humans. He tries to recall his memory. Jay overhears their conversation. Meera asks the doctor to check Vani. Jay hits at doctor’s head and she got unconscious. Jay changes himself into the doctor and goes to see Vani.

Vani hears that a kid is crying. Meera sees the doctor behind the Sofa. Jay tries to give supplements to Vani so he can manipulate her. Veer reaches Vani’s house and hears a kid is crying. Veer goes to Vani’s room and stops her to take supplements. Does Veer ask why the doctor came here? Veer picks Vani and they hear a laugh of kid. Veer says to Meera that he heard the voice of a kid. Vani recognized that she is pregnant. Jay goes to the Tantric and scolds him that his magical powers didn’t work.

Veer speaks to Vani and calls her Rani. He asks her to get off his bed. Vani thinks of her child and she feels that there must be a danger and thinks of leaving the house. Vani says to Meera that she feels that Veer is in danger. They make a plan to manipulate him. Meera informs Veer that News Channel has published about Rani in the magazine that she wants to marry. She says that Tapish has made a plan, so you can meet Rani and impress her. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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