A very famous and interesting television channel named Colors TV is known for airing very genuine and amazing television shows. One of the most famous and popular television show named Naagin 5 is regularly entertained lots of people in India. All the episodes of Naagin 5 coming with very genuine twists and turning points. The story of the television show is showing the exceptional performance of the star casts. The entire audience has loved the performance of the star casts and watching the new episodes to know more about the show. Naagin 5 telecasting on Saturday and Sunday only on Colors TV. All the fans are waiting for the show and want to watch the entire episode of the show.

Naagin 5 29th November 2020 Written Episode: Bani Does Tandav To Please Lord Shiva To Save Veer's Live

The star casts of the show Naagin 5 are Hina Khan, Surbhi Chandna, Mohit Sehgal, and Sharad Malhotra. The show completed 290 episodes and regularly maintained its TRP on the chart. In the previous episode, Maarkaat sends fake Bani to kill Veer, and he succeeded in his mission. But, Bani protects Veer with her full powers and she able to save the life of Veer. After that, Markat through Bani with her Naagin Tail and shows her power. Later, Markat converted into a bird and targets Bani to kill her.

Inside the cave, Markat kept Bani and ties her with a tree branch. After that, Jay tells Veer that Markat takes Bani inside the cave and trying to kill her. After they both go into the cave then Jay said that Markat is your mother to Veer. After knowing this, Veer aware that his mother is Naagin and Jay is also the son of Markat. Veer and Jay are stepbrothers and now fighting with their mother to save Bani’s life. Naagin 5 will be more interesting in the upcoming episode because tonight we know that who will come out safely from the cave.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 5, Bani starts Tandav to please Lord Bholenath to save the life of Veer. Bani tells that she will never stop until Lord Shiva saves Veer’s life. The upcoming episode of Naagin 5 will be very interesting and coming in the very thriller and fabulous moments. If you want to watch the upcoming episode of Naagin 5 is airing on Colors TV at 08:00 pm IST. The upcoming episode of the show is ready to entertain lots of people and ready to give lots of amazing moments that make your night very entertaining.


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