Today we are talking about Naagin Season 5 which is the famous reality show on Colors TV, we would like to tell you that this is a family show that has been doing high TRP contain since the beginning. Yes, this is a high TRP show. All fans always look forward to its latest update and everyone watches it with great enthusiasm sitting with their family as we get to see the amazing drama of Nagin in this show and with it, the show also has a lot of romance. Today we will give you detailed information related to the latest updates of the show.

Naagin 5 27th December 2020 Latest Today Episode Written Update: Veer & Bani Gets Romantic

As we saw in the last episode, Veer exposes all the tricks of Chandani and the marriage of Chandani and veer stops, not only do we see that Bani also stops her marriage to Jai. In addition, Veer and Bani once again fight against all challenges and become one. In today’s latest episode we will see that Veer and Bani return home together after a long time and all the family members welcome them happily.

In the next scene, we see veer and Bani apologize to each other and veer repents for all the wrongdoings he has done. Veer tells Bani that you had to face many troubles because of me, I am your culprit, then Bani says that there is no fault of yours in this matter, you were only following the signals of Chandini, you were doing what Chandani was doing to you.

After this, Bothe forgive each other and promise that they will never leave each other. Meanwhile, romance starts between Veer and Bani. Now it will be interesting to see how much the romance between Veer and Bani increases the excitement of the audience. If you want to see its romance then do not forget to watch this upcoming episode of Naagin season 5 on colors at 8 Pm.


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