Written episode of Colors serial Naagin 5 is here and you have a chance to get all the detail of upcoming scenes of today’s episode. There will be a huge turn which gonna change current situation and brings a new twist in the story. Let begin this written update. The serial is telecast on Colors and because of its huge popularity and on-demand of their fans. Show producers continuing season 5 of this amazing serial.

Naagin 5 Written Update 17th October Latest Today Episode: Shukla Why Blad in Kalyug

This episode starts with the entry of Shukla where he saying that he doesn’t even know that Bani leaves the house. Maniri asks him how can Bani was trapped by him. Shukla tells her that Bani will definitely try to reach Sakura to know everything and get back her red stone. She will do all the efforts because when she gets her red stone back she will get her power back.

Bani prays to God to help her to escape from trap f Sakura. Sakura meets Jay and he tells her that Bani never breaks his trap and never get escape from it. But with the help of her red stone, she escapes herself from Sakura’s trap. Jay and Sakura discussing how she did it. Sakura telling Jay that he should not blame himself for this mistake.

Now Bani looking for the revenge and Sakura will face it. Sakura Blaming himself for losing. Bani knows Sakura tried to grab her red stone and use its power against her. although He is not successful in his planning. But, he tried it with full proof planning.

Mayura and Shukla leave Bani house and Mira stole the red stone from the cupboard. Mira also told them that they have to save Bani because she is in danger. along with it you will see there is Bani will trying turn into a snake form but she fails. Because she loses her power as temporarily due to witchcraft.

Tonight we will see that he is going to marry her but Bani reject him and tell him that he can’t force her to get marry with him. He will again try to convince her to get marry and he tells Bani that weir will die in 30 minutes So marrying is the best option for her.

Now, After this incident, Bani will do something different to take out her from all these problems. Above mentioned written update of Naagin 5 will be premiered on tonight episode. We should wait for few days until Bani will get back her all the powers and start taking her revenge from her each and every enemy.


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