The Episode starts with Vani and Veer are dancing at a party. Then veer makes a plan to give drugs to Veer and he seeks Daksh’s help. Veer drinks alcohol and warns Vani not to manipulate him. A girl comes close to Veer and takes unconscious Veer to her room. Jay tries to exploit Vani against Veer that he doesn’t love you and will cheat you someday. Vani asks that girl to leave Veer. And she spends some alone time with Veer. Veer avoids her but Vani asks him why he avoids that girl. Then Jay watches that Vani and Veer are together. Vani tries to help Veer regain his memory. Veer unknowingly push her and Vani gets a wound. Veer apply ointment on her wound.

Naagin 5

Jay gets angry and makes another plan with Daksh and Ponki. Then Avijeet comes to the party and with his magic, he shocked everyone. Avijeet takes Vani and Veer with him and tries to kill Veer. Vani warns Avijeet and tries to become Naagin. But Avijeet uses his power to retain Vani’s powers. Vani attacks Avijeet and warns him not to kill Veer. Vani apologizes to Avijeet that she attacked him but she requests him that he is the one who spreads love in the world so how could he kill someone who has love in his heart.

Veer got conscious and scolds Vani for their togetherness. He calls his brother Daksh and Ponki. Avijeet thinks that story has changed in the Satyug. He says that even a Farishta is not able to kill the real love. Then Vani calls Jay and asks seeks his help. Jay inflames Vani against Veer and tells her not to leave Veer. Then Ponki informs jay that Aghori is here to meet Vani. Jay takes Vani out of the house. Veer is getting panic and asks his father to throw Vani out of the house. Avijeet says Vani that your love is pure and now he will not kill Veer.

Vani tries to heal his injury but she fails. Vani asks Avijeet to retain Veer’s memory. Vani says she will heal his injury anyhow. But Avijeet says that only paradise can heal her otherwise he will die here. Other side Jay meets Agghori and says he will take him to Vani. Aghori believes his words and tells him that someone wants to kill Vani and Veer. Jay confesses to him that he wants to kill both of them and wants to become the King of Naags. Aghori got shocked and warns him that he will expose him in front of Vani. Jay pushes Aghori from the hills. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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