In the last episode, we watched in “Nagin 5” the god Shiv Ji said that only Anadinagin can beat them. The Pandit Ji tells Makarat to come back as an enemy of Bani. Jai tells the duplicate Makarat that he make fool eagle so much, and tells that they don’t know she is her mother and she is the biggest weapons. She said that to beat the Bani, she can do anything. Bani serves the dinner to everyone.  Balwant asks what is this? Bani said she is serving the dinner just because of him. Bani said to take care of yourself.

Naagin 5, 21st November 2020 Written Episode Future Story Gossip Latest Update

Bani comes into the room and thinks This is this Vindictive power who affect me. Veera comes and said sorry. He is standing outside and asks did his mother join this function, I will tell her. She opens the cubed. She looks at her waist sing and thinks about when it’s happened. He gets shocked to see her face marking. Bani said this is happening because of negative powers. Veer makes her sir and said that he knows that if you will change in adinagin so you can also attack me. But now you are my wife and I can’t see you like this I will take care of you.

Veer’s mother gets some marks and tells about a person who attacks him, who has big hairs and big nails. Veer and Bani are shocked. Bani said this is good that everyone is gathered for the party, I can understand, who is the evil. Veer sees another side. Bani asks were are looking Veer replies why are you feeling jealous that I am watching another girl. Then he told to Ponky he takes her mother.

In the upcoming episode of the serial Bani said to Veer that Jai and Mehak will not be investigated that investigate the hotel managers. Jai took the Bani to a room and tells her she has become weak. Now, whenever she converted her body she is feeling so low and he doesn’t want, anyone to attack her. Veer look them. Bani looks like a snake/ duplicate Makarat saw and gets shocked. After that Veer asks Bani that someone attack his mother. Bani said Jai. Bani and Veer’s mother fight with each other. Veer’s mother converts her body into an eagle and starts fighting. Suddenly Veer comes and start shouting. For more updates stay connect with us and follow our site.


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