Colors TV is a famous television channel and well-known for airing some of the most popular and high rated television shows. One of the most famous television shows Naagin 5 regularly comes with interesting and amazing content. Many television shows give very genuine content and entertain lots of people. Naagin 5 is a very popular show in which Moni Roy was played the role of Naagin before seasons. Now, the star casts of the television show Naagin 5 are Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra are in the lead roles. The chemistry of both the couple are very interesting and loved by many people. The upcoming episodes of the serial coming with more amazing and dramatic content that entertains all the viewers a lot.

Naagin 5: 1st November 2020 Written Episode Lateast Today Update Spoiler Alert Twist

Bani tries to Kill Veer in Quell

The episode on 1st November 2020 of Naagin 5 will start with Jay who is mixing a potion in the swimming pool. After the potion mixed in the swimming pool then smoke comes out and gets into the room of Bani. After Bani feels the smoke then she comes outside to watch and Jay orders her to do and she acts. He asks Bani to call Veer and kill him. Veer comes out and pulls Bani, after that Veer and Jay start fighting. Bani starts screaming Jay’s name and tries to kill Veer and stop Jay.

After that, Bani gets back to her senses and asks Veer what is she doing in the swimming pool area and why he holds a dagger in his hands. Veer confused and don’t able to understand what is happening with Bani and tells her that he will never hurt her. Jay comes to Mayuri’s room and tells her that he is in pain. Veer later revealed that Jay is the mastermind behind the incidents and he was trying to control her. Jay attacks Pompi and tells them he will kill him and he is the fearful eagle.

Naagin 5 airing on Colors TV at 08:00 pm

Veer asks Bani to not go outside from Singhania Mansion for the next 24 hours but Bani challenges Veer that she will step out from the house within 24 hours. Veer stays outside the main gate and keeps his eye on Bani. Veer’s father searches for Shukla and he stays firm on his plan to find Bani’s plan and Veer doesn’t remember anything. Baani ready as same as her sister Meera as a Dancer. The full episode of Naagin 5 will seem very interesting with lots of dramatic and unexpected moments. If you want to watch the latest episode then stay on Colors TV at 08:00 pm and watch tonight’s episode.


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