In the upcoming episode of the “Naagin 5,” we will watch someone shoots the Jai. In the last episode, Chachi and Ritu’s daughter cry and tells Jai is hers. Do Ritu husbands ask that when you take this decision? Arohi tells that they meet her girl in the Noor marriage. Jai convinces the dadi and tells that you get married to dada Ji is just the third meet. Jai’s father when will you reach the workplace. Jai tells that Singhaniya still at home. He tells that Bani sisters Viranshu Singhaniya get married to each other. And Bani wants that if they get married on the same Mandap.


Naagin Season 5 19th September 2020 Written Episode Update Spoiler Alert Twists

Daksh said to Tapish that Veer gets mad that they get married to her loving sister. Tapish said that she is smarter to get married to the enemy. Tapish said him to get married to Bani. Ver tells that he knows very well that Bani does not let this marriage because Bani thinks he is a bad boy and doesn’t like him. Chachi tells that Bani chooses her marriage date according to Meera. She blaming on him that they try to snatch the happiness. Bani tells that it is not that mean She take this decision after thinking all these things and wants the blessing.

In the upcoming episode, we will watch in Naagin that someone shoots the Jai. When he got injured then he has fallen down on the floor. Bani gets angry and kills the Veer. Suddenly someone comes there and she gets shocked to see him. Because he is a big brother of the Jai and they both are the twice brother. Both faces are totally the same. There is a big twist in the show and very interesting. That the Jai becomes a Willian of the show and the Veer becomes a hero.

As we know that in the previous birth of Bani, Jai, and Veer the name is changed. The name of the previous birth is Hridiya and Aakash. In this rebirth of Jai is a Naag but in his previous birth he is an eagle and his name is Aakash. Hridaya who is come back as a Veer is a Naag but in his previous birth, he is an eagle. They both exchange in this rebirth. That is the biggest twist of the serial. And still, Bani doesn’t know about this twist that her love is Veer, not a Jai. For more written updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!



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