Colors TV’s famous show Naagin is the most-watched show yes so we are back with the upcoming twist of Naagin Season 5. Last week we saw that a lot of drama is going on in the Naagin and this drama is being performed by a Maarkat. Maarkat is doing everything possible to get revenge from Bani. However, Bani is steadily facing every challenge of Maarkat with the help of Shiva Ji. Today we will talk about which new twist will come in Naagin season 5 upcoming episode.

Naagin 5 19th December 2020 Written Episode Latest Update: Veer Will Cheat Bani

As we told that the Maarkat in Naagin is making trouble in front of Bani, in the same way, MAarkat has resorted to Veer to hurt Bani this time. In the coming episodes, we will see how the scene will be reversed when Veer will cheat his own bani. As we all know that in the last episode we saw that Maarkat had captured Veer and Veer became hypnotized. Yes, Veer gets caught in the new trick of the Maarkat where the moon has captured him and Veer does what the Maarkat wants.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Veer will be seen dancing at the behest of Maarkat completely. Also, we will see that there will be a romantic date between Veer and Bani and Bani will fall madly in love with Veer. However, later Veer will be seen betraying Bani as he tells Bani that he does not love you, saying that Veer departs from there but Bani will try to stop Veer and hold his hand in front of him begging for love.

On the other side, we will see that Veer will be seen marrying his childhood friend Chandni and on the other hand a tremendous twist will be seen that Bani will also appear to be marrying Jai. Now it will be interesting to see if this marriage will be successful or Maarkat will lose to Bani once again. If you want to know this upcoming episode then don’t forget to watch this upcoming drama tonight at 8:00 Pm.


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