“Nagin 5” is one of the most viewers show, which airs on the colors tv. The serial is coming every weekend at 8 PM, and the viewers can watch the serial at any time on the Voot app. In the last episode, we watched Bani come to Akash’s room and opens the cupboard. She tired. He turned and ask what is in the box. She left the honey bees in that box but they convert in the soap bubble. They said this soap is romantic. She fell down mon the soap water and snatch him with together.

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He also falls down and he imagines the dance on the song humma humma. Mayuri looks and reaches the temple to informs the Jai. She tells Jai Shakura is losing for the Bani. And also says that she doesn’t know what is in her. Jai tells that people are impressed by her simplicity, kindness behaviors, and a truthful person but her magic will not work on me, because she is Anadi Nagin. Pandit’s wife listens and feeling uncomfortable. Shukra tells that one soap river and has to pass it through growing. Bani gets up but she again conditions in falls down. He holds her back and hand.

Written Update

Then he said to her to take a rest and push her on the bed. And then said you maintain this curtain so that I can’t see you and even you also can’t see me. Bani feels that he tie this curtain. Akhilesh got a Mayuri calls and they said to come here. Bani opens the cupboard and take outside the Gandak stone and go into the Monil room. The stone attack the Chacha and then Shukla. Shukla flies on-air and Balwant said to him to save them. Balwant gets shocked and thinks what happing here?

Balwant comes near to Akhilesh and tells to stop this disaster because a stone is outside. Balwant also faces the stone attack and safe himself. Bani thinks did he is a cheater. In the upcoming latest episode, we will watch Bani use her power to save everyone’s life. Balwant said that they will kill the Bani. Bani tells that she sees them they all are flying in the air and the stone will missing. Bani and Shukra go there. For more information follow our site and stay connected with us.


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