The most awaited show named Naagin 5 is on the way to entertain all the people by giving a very genuine story in the upcoming episode. The show only airing on television on the weekend that gives much wait to the audience. Every weekend, the show getting lots of love from the audience and entertaining all the people by giving many genuine episodes. The story of the show containing lots of thrilling and dramatic scenes to give lots of fabulous moments to the viewers. The show airing on Colors TV at 8 PM. This is the fifth season of the show that entertaining all the people with lots of interesting scenes and the chemistry between the personalities.

naagin 5

The upcoming episode of Naagin 5 comes with an interesting entry of Arjit Taneja that leaves everyone in the confusion that he enters the house as the enemy of bani or well-wisher. the mysterious man enters the house and all the girls in the house attract towards him except Bani. Bani wants to know the real identity of the man but the real identity of the person will be revealed in the forthcoming episode. He wears a white dress and well dressed while he entering the house of Bani.

Every time, a girl looks into his eyes then she attracts him because of his abnormal powers. After he meets Bani then a little conversation between them occurs in the show in which Bani asking from him to tell his original personality. Bani tells him all that she observed after see him while he entering in the house. Bani trying to know the actual matter of the unknown personality. So, if you want to know the further story of the show then don’t miss to watch the ensuing episode of the show.

All the people are very extremely waiting for the show and want to watch the episode tonight. If you want to know the entire story of Naagin 5 then don’t miss to watch the thrilling and exceptionally outstanding story of the show. The timing of the show is fixed for 8 PM every Saturday and Sunday. Regularly, a very huge quantity of people is watching the show to know the story of the show and the performance of the prominent personalities. So, stay tuned with us to know more interesting and key details about the show and the personalities.


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