“Naagin 5” one of the fictional show of Hindi drama serial which is coming on the Colors channel at 8 PM. Nagin 5 is one of the popular show on colors the viewers of the show also watch on  Voot any time. The show telecast on the weekend. As we know in the last episode of the show the Bani and Jai come to the temple. Pandit tells that now God sends them again as an Aadi Naagin and Naag. Bani becomes a Naagin and dances and Jai becomes an icchadhari Naag. Bani gets shocked and asks even you ara a Naag then he replies yes.

naagin 5

Jai and Bani come back from the temple and see that Veer falls down on the floor. Bani said that our enemy in front of us and he is perfect we will kill him. She remembers the Bholenath words that she will attack one eagle. When he attacks him than his attack will backfire. Veer tells that they are Viranshu Singhania and any broke temple will not take his powers from him. So who was take back his power from him. He does not handle the son’s light and then starts thinking that his father said right. Where did my sweetheart, Bani Sharma go with the Dhaba guy. Then he becomes an eagle and flies from there. Jai said that he is an eagle.

So in the upcoming episode, we will watch that Balwant brothers tell that Veer returns back from the window and close him under the room. Balwant said that the eagle does that thing when they try to want their powers to return back. Bani gets so decided to get back the revenge and focus on their target to kill Veer and take back the revenge from him.

Key Notes:-

  • Jai and bani remember their life about the previous birth now what will happen in their life.
  • Hua hai milan Naag aur Naagin ka kayeen janmon baad, kaisi hogi inki chahat ki dastaan iss janam mein?

In the Bholenath temple, they meet each other and get emotional to see each other and remember all their precious moments. The Bani said that in the last birth we want to get married to each other but w was not successful. then Jai said that he got murdered and to save my life you also lost your life. Now we are here because of the Bholenaath choice. Then they both hugs each other. For more updating written episodes stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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